Fright Feast - a horror anthology series


Fright Feast I - eat your fill

Fright Feast I coverYou stumbled into a bizarre pizza parlor, dark and creepy in both atmosphere and clientele.  A plastic checkerboard tablecloth covers a round table in the corner, with an old Chianti bottle serving as a candlestick holder, wax coating it in frozen rippling waves.  You take a seat in an old aluminum and vinyl covered chair. The soft glow of the candlelight reveals an eerie lunch specials.  Thirteen toppings of terror come standard with this cheesy delight, including stories of:

  • A memorial statue of a Civil War Colonel comes alive to seek revenge
  • A baby is born with a strange disfigurment resembling a wolf each time the Canis Major constellation rises in the night sky
  • An ancient order of monks guards a secret, which must be fed live prey

 FRIGHT FEAST I. Available at and for Kindle and Nook eReaders.

Fright Feast II - still hungry

Fright Feast II coverDinner time!  A supernatural sushi bar awaits your perusal.  Within the dimly lit restaurant, you find that raw meat isn't all it's cooked up to be.  Thirteen more short stories are on the menu, including tales of: 

  • An ancient mummy, promising fertility to those who touch the decrepit wrappings
  • Soldiers in the post-apocalyptic future battle unpredictable demons
  • A priest conspires to help a young girl flee tyranny by having her share a coffin with a corpse.

FRIGHT FEAST II. Available for Kindle eReaders.

Fright Feast III - the need to feed continues

Fright Feast III coverCalling this next place a greasy spoon would be an insult to run-down diners everywhere.  You don't want to know what crawls in the corners, let alone what goes on in the kitchen.  Thirteen more creepy calamaties to consume.  Breakfast black and blue plate specials include:

  • Two sheep farmers in rural England fight to protect their livelihood from a monster prowling the Bodmin moors
  • On the eve of the 20th century a wedding party plans to celebrate with a toast over the house wine until one guest refuses, offering a ghastly explanation
  • The ghost of a young boy killed in an annual leaf burning tradition haunts anyone who crosses his smoky path

FRIGHT FEAST III.  Available for Kindle eReaders.

Fright Feast IV - please your sweeth tooth

Fright Feast IV coverA banner over the bar reads "Endless Sundae Challenge". You're just hungry enough to try. Motioning to the clerk behind the glass counter, you point to the banner. She smiles, revealing toothless gums.  You look around and see that all the patrons are smiling.  All are entirely toothless. Which kinds do you want? Your dessert today is thirteen flavors, including:

  • A call center during the zombie apocalypse offers lackluster customer service to hapless survivors
  • Feral pigs devour everything in sight, leaving not a trace of anyone or anything
  • A young girl plays with “fart putty”, which miraculously comes alive and searches for victims to consume

FRIGHT FEAST IV - Coming soon.